Year 2

Dragonfly Dance Routine

This half term we had a specialist dance teacher teach us an amazing dance routine!

Dragonfly Dance

This half term we had a specialist Dance Teacher who taught us two routines which we put together to make one amazing dance!

Year 2 Choir in the Belfry

The Year 2 Choir went to the the Belfry Shopping Centre in Redhill and sang some Christmas songs for a lovely audience.

The Bear and the Piano - Millipede

We learnt the story of The Bear and the Piano. This video is some of the Year 2 children performing it with their actions.

St Bede's Visit

As part of our topic some students from St Bede's came to visit. They showed us lots of different instruments and taught us about pulse, rhythm and pulse. They were fantastic and we had lots of fun!

Thee Bear and the Piano

Here are children in Dragonfly class retelling part of the story.

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